Pneumatic Feeding Machines are portable and easily mounted. Their simple structure allows the machines to be dismounted  for safe and easy transportation. The machines are user friendly and require minimum maintenance. They can be mounted on all kinds of boats. They are made of 304-316 SS and 200- 10.000 kg , single or double silo options are available.

Diesel engine or electricity engines are optional. %100 accuracy in feed amount.

Basic Specifications

  • Diesel or electric engines are available
  • Adjustable feed amount.
  • Blowing range is 10 -20 meters.
  • Minimum maintenance requirement
  • Resistant to rough sea conditions.

Net Washing Machine

Net washing machines clean the fouled net cages safely and fast. Their innovative design and technology cleans the nets without causing any damages.

Drums are made of 304 SS or  316 SS depending on the customers needs. Our net washing machines vary from  10 m3– 70 m3 .. Many of our machines have been safely in use both locally and in overseas.

Basic Specifications

  • Each machine has a clean water inlet and waste water outlet.
  • The washing time is approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • Each machine has a speed control unit.
  • Machines can be used both with sea water and fresh water.
  • The power supply is 380 V and the rotation of drum is powered by gear and chain system.
  • Spins both ways.
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