Antifouling Treatment

Anti-fouling Treatment at Çakır’s plant

At our modern facilities spread over 2200 msq closed space and 2500 msq open space on Milas- Bodrum highway, we treat nets with high quality Valpak anti-fouling treatment. With our experienced team we treat all kinds of nets in our antifouling-tower.

Valpak- Antifouling for Aquaculture

Valpak Antifouling are the highest quality water-based products for all kinds of net cages and ropes. It provides exceptional protection against the algae and phytoplankton, even in the most difficult seas maintaining the nets clean for long periods.

Since 2005 Valpak specialized in the development and production of Antifouling coatings for Aquaculture nets and ropes.

Valpak is the first company to be qualified to manufacture antifouling coatings developed and inspected by its own on-site certified laboratory. The same laboratory and personnel have already been qualified by NATO, the Greek Ministry of Defense and BVQI for their products.

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